(Bicultural) couples therapy
focused on LGBTQI+ issues

From our very nature we as humans are looking for connection and intimacy. We want to love another and we also want to get that love back. Sometimes you can lose this connection and intimacy because you find out that your partner(s) or yourself is attracted to the opposite sex (or both). 

This will complicate the relationship if there is no room for who you are or who your partner(s) are. Before you know, you grow apart, the communication is gone and in the worst case you start to lose each other slowly. When that happens, you will understand each other even less than before, there is tension and you feel disconnected.

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Are you 'in the closet' while in a relationship?

Do you have bi-feelings and are you in a relationship and you don't know how to handle this? Do you have the idea that you cannot be yourself in the relationship and above all live according to other people's expectations? Are you now 'in the closet' while in a relationship? 

There are different types of relationships. From monogamous to polygamous relationships and all forms in between. It is important that space and mutual understanding is created to speak of a happy relationship. Do you want to know how to do this? Radiant can help you with this!


At Radiant, the client is central, everything is always in consultation with the client. At Radiant we handle your privacy with the utmost care and, if desired, you can also follow the therapy anonymously. Read more about Radiant's working method here.

This is the way to invest in your relationship.



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