Individual counseling/therapy

Unfortunately, life doesn't always go the way we planned or expected. You might have to deal with problems and challenges in all kinds of areas, which can make you uncomfortable and misunderstood. When you choose: it can't go on like this, then counseling and/or therapy is a perfect low-threshold solution. Have a stable life again, learn how to deal with challenges and, above all, regain your strength.

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Experience confidence in your life again.

With individual counseling and/or therapy, we work one-on-one on your development. Together we try to gain insight into the problems you encounter. We help you deal with this by processing experiences, learning new skills and behavioral alternatives and by doing exercises. You also learn to about your strengths so that you can stimulate them yourself. This gives you more control over your life so that you are able to enjoy life again!

Counseling and/or therapy can be seen as an accessible form of assistance. Therapy consists of conversations in which support and guidance are central. For example, when something bad happens in your life or when you suffer from pent-up issues that come up again and now cause emotional problems. 


At Radiant, the client is central, everything is always in consultation with the client. At Radiant we handle your privacy with the utmost care and, if desired, you can also follow the therapy anonymously. Read more about Radiant's working method here.

This is the way to invest in yourself.



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